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Computer-supported Furniture Design at an Early Sketching Stage

Pierre Olsson (Sektionen för arkitektur) ; Per Eriksson (Sektionen för arkitektur) ; Karl-Gunnar Olsson (Sektionen för arkitektur)
International Journal of Design Computing (1329-7147). Vol. 7 (2004),
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

In the "Material and Design Studio" at Chalmers University of Technology, several case studies have been conducted. These aim at developing different forms of integrated, IT-supported methods of furniture design in which engineers and designers collaborate in the design process. The present report is concerned primarily with describing an integrated furniture design procedure of this type and discussing continuing efforts being made to develop and implement new tools and methods for use in furniture design.

Nyckelord: furniture, design methods, collaborative design, computer-supported design, simulation, design process, finite element method, FEM, CAE

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