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A Global Survey of Stakeholder Views and Experiences for Systems Needed to Effectively and Efficiently Govern Sustainability of Bioenergy

Inge Stupak ; Jamie Joudrey ; C. Tattersall Smith ; Luc Pelkmans ; Helena Chum ; Annette Cowie ; Oskar Englund (Institutionen för energi och miljö, Fysisk resursteori) ; Chun Sheng Goh ; Martin Junginger
Advances in Bioenergy: The Sustainability Challenge p. 507-534. (2015)

The increased international trade led to growing concerns over sustainability of biofuels and a variety of governance systems has emerged to regulate the bioenergy sector for maximization of the benefits and minimization of the possible negative impacts. The general concept of governance is used in different ways. But in this chapter it is used in the broad sense of governance processes undertaken by governments, market actors, voluntary organizations or networks. This concept of governance recognizes the interdependence of the public, market-based and voluntary governing processes, and the relationships that may exist between them. A survey was designed with the objective of analyzing stakeholders' views, experiences, and ideas in relation to the governance challenges. The survey revealed a broad support for existing and new co-regulation among stakeholders, but also that low share of certified land is seen as a challenge for both forestry and agriculture.

Nyckelord: Bioenergy sustainability, Biomass sustainability, Stakeholders

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