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On the Cauchy problem with large data for a space-dependent Boltzmann-Nordheim boson equation II

Leif Arkeryd (Institutionen för matematiska vetenskaper, matematik) ; Anne Nouri
: arXiv 1611.07473, 2016. - 12 s.

This paper studies a Boltzmann-Nordheim boson equation in a slab with n-dimensional velocity space and pseudo-Maxwellian forces. Strong solutions are obtained for the Cauchy problem with large but uniformly bounded initial data in an L1 setting on a time interval [0,T] only depending on norms of the initial value. If T is finite then the ess sup norm of the solution explodes at T0.

Nyckelord: Boltzmann-Nordheim boson equation, quantum Boltzmann equation

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