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Reconstruction of annular bi-layered media in cylindrical waveguide section

Anders Eriksson ; Truls Martin Larsen ; Larisa Beilina (Institutionen för matematiska vetenskaper)

A radial transverse resonance model for two cylindrical concentric layers with different complex dielectric constants is presented. An inverse problem with four unknowns - 3 physical material parameters and one dimensional dielectric layer thickness parameter- is solved by employing TE110 and TE210 modes with different radial field distribution. First a Newton-Raphson algorithm is used to solve a least square problem with a Lorentzian function (as resonance model and "measured" data generator). Then found resonance frequencies and quality factors are used in a second inverse Newton-Raphson algorithm that solves four transverse resonance equations in order to get four unknown parameters. The use of TE110 and TE210 models offers one dimensional radial tomographic capability. An open ended coax quarter-wave resonator is added to the sensor topology, and the effect on the convergence is investigated.

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