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Graphene Synthesis

Siegfried Eigler (Institutionen för kemi och kemiteknik, Organisk kemi)
Graphene Technology: From Laboratory to Fabrication p. 19-61. (2016)

Methods for the synthesis of graphene are highlighted in this chapter. Either graphite or small molecules can be used as the source of graphene. Wet-chemical methods for the direct delamination of graphene starting from graphite will be highlighted, as well as methods that involve chemical functionalization of graphene layers of graphite. Especially, the chemical functionalization can provide solution processable precursors to graphene that allow the integration of graphene in matrices or devices. However, synthesis of graphene from macromolecules remains a challenge, although there is promising progress. Further, the confusion in the literature about the term graphene, few-layer graphene, and graphite is clarified. Therefore, information will be given that makes it possible to distinguish between these. Furthermore, emphasis is laid on the polydispersity of graphene in many terms, such as the size of flakes or the density of defects.

Nyckelord: Chemical vapor deposition; Exfoliation; Graphene; Graphene oxide; Graphite; Synthesis

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