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An example of an application of the semiotic inspection method in the domain of computerized patient record system

Weronika Tancredi (Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi (Chalmers)) ; Olof Torgersson
14th World Congress on Medical and Health Informatics, MEDINFO 2013; Copenhagen; Denmark; 20 August 2013 through 23 August 2013 (0926-9630). Vol. 192 (2013), 1-2, p. 471-475.
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

Efficiently navigating through an interface and conducting work tasks in flow is what GUI designers strive for. Dental professionals, who alternate between examination and treatment of a patient and insertion of data into the Computerized Patient Record system, particularly need an interface that would facilitate the workflow. In this paper we present an inspection evaluation of an existing and widely used Computerized Patient Record system. The Semiotic Inspection Method was applied with the expectation that the method could provide evidence that task flow, navigation and wayfinding were major usability issues of the interface. Also expected was that the Semiotic Inspection would reveal the means and strategies used in the interface in order to communicate the flow. The analysis conducted using the Semiotic Inspection Method showed inconsistencies in the communication of the way forward through the interface. In addition, the profile of the users, regarding digital skills, appears to be ambiguous. Finally, the strategies used in the interface for conveying the workflow could be identified as well.

Nyckelord: Computerized Patient Record System (CPR) , Expert Usability Evaluation , Flow , Interface Navigation , Semiotic Inspection Method (SIM) , Workflow

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