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Performances in the selling of an innovation platform

Jane Webb (Institutionen för teknikens ekonomi och organisation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy )
3rd World Open Innovation Conference (WOIC), December 15-16 2016, Barcelona (2016)
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

This paper explores how one team demonstrates the benefits of organising as an innovation platform. The paper describes how team-members work together to put on a show for stakeholders, emphasising particular aspects of their joint work to meet the perceived expectations of each audience. These practices of impression management are considered a part of selling the innovation platform to potential partners. The discussion is based on an explorative, ethnographic study following the everyday activities of the team over seven weeks, totalling 270 hours. Additionally, the author analysed documents and online posts, and interviewed central participants after fieldwork had ended. The author finds that team composition, working processes and individual learning were the central aspects emphasised by the team in their interactions with stakeholders. The author calls for further research to explore how practitioners engage in performances of impression management as a part of their practices of organising for collaborative innovation.

Nyckelord: open innovation; innovation platform; value co-creation; ethnography; impression management; stakeholder expectations; performativity; collaborative innovation

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