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Differential GNSS for Outdoor Sports - Testing of Applicability for Alpine Sports

Johan Samuelsson (Institutionen för fysik (Chalmers)) ; Magnus Karlsteen (Institutionen för fysik, Kondenserade materiens fysik (Chalmers)) ; Christian Finnsgård (Institutionen för fysik (Chalmers))
Proceedings from icSports 2016, 4th International Conference on Sport Sciences Research and Technology Support, Porto, Portugal, 7-9 november 2016 p. 188-196. (2016)
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate a differential GNSS (global navigation satellite system) tracking technology and whether it can be applied in alpine sports. Wearable technology is a technology undergoing extensive development. Wearable technology is an umbrella term for technology that can be worn, providing the user with different kinds of information. In sports, this is often related to performance of athletes. This paper is evaluating a tracking technology and whether it can be applied in an alpine environment, tracking both cross country skiers as well as down hill skiers. The technology applied in the product is a DGNSS, a differential Global Navigation Satellite System, a high accuracy positioning technology. The GNSS is using several satellite systems, providing coverage at all times. The differential part comes from the use of an accurately surveyed reference station, providing the rover with correction signals and thereby give a higher accuracy on tracking data. The technology shows promising results in accuracy in the measurement method used, but needs further evaluation using continuous measurements.

Nyckelord: Alpine sports, GNSS, GPS, Positioning, Tracking, Wearable technology

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