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An Open Continuous Deployment Infrastructure for a Self-driving Vehicle Ecosystem

Christian Berger
Open Source Systems: Integrating Communities, Oss 2016 Vol. 472 (2016), p. 177-183.
[Kapitel, refereegranskat]

Self-driving vehicles are an ongoing research and engineering topic even though first automotive OEMs started to deploy such features to their premium vehicles. Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg are operating and maintaining a vehicle laboratory comprising 1/10 scaled cars, a Volvo XC90, and a Volvo FH truck to conduct studies with automated driving. This laboratory is used both from researchers from different disciplines and in education. The experimental software for all these platforms is powered by the same software environment for different hardware architectures. Therefore, maintaining and deploying new features and bugfixes to the users of this laboratory in a fast way needs to be organized in a reproducible yet easily maintainable manner. This paper outlines our open approach to encapsulate our build, test, and deployment process using VirtualBox, Docker, and Jenkins.

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