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New integrable structures in large-N QCD

Gabriele Ferretti (Institutionen för teoretisk fysik och mekanik, Matematisk fysik) ; Rainer Heise (Institutionen för teoretisk fysik och mekanik, Matematisk fysik) ; K. Zarembo
Physical Review D. Particles and fields (0556-2821). Vol. 70 (2004), 7, p. 074024.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

We study the anomalous dimensions of single trace operators composed of field strengths $F_{\mu\nu}$ in large-N QCD. The matrix of anomalous dimensions is the Hamiltonian of a compact spin chain with two spin one representations at each vertex corresponding to the selfdual and anti-selfdual components of $F_{\mu\nu}$. Due to the special form of the interaction it is possible to study separately renormalization of purely selfdual components. In this sector the Hamiltonian is integrable and can be exactly solved by Bethe ansatz. Its continuum limit is described by the level two SU(2) WZW model.

Nyckelord: QCD, anomalous dimension, renormalization, gauge theory, bethe ansatz

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