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ARCA - Automated Analysis of AUTOSAR Meta-Model Changes

D. Durisic ; Miroslaw Staron ; Matthias Tichy
2015 IEEE/ACM 7th International Workshop on Modeling in Software Engineering p. 30-35. (2015)
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

The software architecture of automotive software systems on the European market and wider is designed following the AUTOSAR standard. This requires continuous adoption of new AUTOSAR releases in the development projects in order to enable new innovative solutions in cars. Under these circumstances, the analysis of impact of the AUTOSAR meta-model changes on the modeling tools used in the development is crucial for avoiding delays and increased cost. However due to tens of new features combined with thousands of meta-model changes between consecutive releases of AUTOSAR, tool support is needed for such analysis. In this paper we present a systematic method and a tool - ARCA - for automated analysis of the AUTOSAR meta-model changes. The tool is able to identify relevant changes affecting modeling tools used by different roles in the development process and present the optimal set of new features to be adopted in the projects. The goal of the tool is to enable faster and cheaper software innovation cycles in cars.

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