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Synthesis of Depo-Medrol-chitosan hydrogel as new drug slow-release appliance and investigation of release kinetics by high-performance liquid chromatography

R. Alizadeh ; S. M. Jabbari ; A. H. Zarnani ; Hamidreza Barghi (Institutionen för kemi och kemiteknik, Kemisk reaktionsteknik)
Biomedical Chromatography (0269-3879). Vol. 30 (2016), 9, p. 1346-1353.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

The present study deals with preparation and optimization of a novel chitosan hydrogel-based matrix by suspension cross-linking method for controlled release of Depo-Medrol. The controlled release of Depo-Medrol for effective Rheumatoid arthritis disease has become an imperative field in the drug delivery system. In this context, it was intended to optimize loading circumstances by experimental design and also study the release kinetics of Depo-Medrol entrapped in the chitosan matrix in order to obtain maximal efficiency for drug loading. The optimum concentrations of chitosan (2.5g), glutaraldehyde (3.05L) and Depo-Medrol (0.1mg) were set up to achieve the highest value of drug loaded and the most sustained release from the chitosan matrix. In vitro monitoring of drug release kinetic using high-performance liquid chromatography showed that 73% of the Depo-Medrol was released within 120min, whereas remained drug was released during the next 67h. High correlation between first-order and Higuchi's kinetic models indicates a controlled diffusion of Depo-Medrol through the surrounding media. Moreover, recovery capacity >82% and entrapment efficiency of 58-88% were achieved under optimal conditions. Therefore, the new synthesized Depo Medrol-chitosan is an applicable appliance for therapy by slow release mechanism.

Nyckelord: chitosan, controlled release, depo-medrol, high-performance liquid chromatography, kinetic model, experimental design

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