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HFET millimeterwave resistive mixer

Herbert Zirath (Institutionen för mikrovågsteknik) ; Iltcho Angelov (Institutionen för mikrovågsteknik) ; Niklas Rorsman (Institutionen för mikrovågsteknik)
Proceedings of the 22nd European Microwave Conference Vol. 1 (1992), 22, p. 614-619.
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

A millimeterwave resistive mixer based on a heterostructure field effect transistor (HFET) is described. A minimum conversion loss of 8 dB, including losses in the connectors, filters, substrates etc, is obtained in the frequency range 40-45 GHz. This is the highest frequency of operation reported for this type of mixer.

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