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M. C. Johnson ; D. Gandolfi ; Malcolm Fridlund (Institutionen för rymd- och geovetenskap, Radioastronomi och astrofysik) ; S. Csizmadia ; M. Endl ; J. Cabrera ; W. D. Cochran ; H. J. Deeg ; S. Grziwa ; I. Ramirez ; A. P. Hatzes ; P. Eigmuller ; O. Barragan ; A. Erikson ; E. W. Guenther ; J. Korth ; T. Kuutma ; D. Nespral ; M. Patzold ; E. Palle ; J. Prieto-Arranz ; H. Rauer ; J. Saario
Astronomical Journal (0004-6256). Vol. 151 (2016), 6,
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

We confirm the planetary nature of two transiting hot Jupiters discovered by the Kepler spacecraft's K2 extended mission in its Campaign 4, using precise radial velocity measurements from FIES @NOT, HARPS-N@TNG, and the coude spectrograph on the McDonald Observatory 2.7 m telescope. K2-29 b (EPIC 211089792b) transits a K1V star with a period of 3.2589263 +/- 0.0000015 days; its orbit is slightly eccentric (e = 0.084(-0.023)(+0.032)). It has a radius of R-p = 1.000(-0.067)(+0.071) R-J and a mass of M-p = 0.6131-0.613-0.026 M-J. Its host star exhibits significant rotational variability, and we measure a rotation period of pot = 10.777 +/- 0.031 days. K2-30 b (EPIC 210957318 b) transits a G6V star with a period of 4.098503 +/- 0.000011 days. It has a radius of R-p = 1.039(-0.051)(+0.050) Ri and a mass of M-p = 0.579(-0.027)(+0.028) M-J. The star has a low metallicity for a hot Jupiter host, [Fe/H] = 0.15 +/- 0.05.

Nyckelord: planets and satellites: detection, planets and satellites: individual (EPIC 211089792 b (K2-29 b), EPIC 210957318 b (K2-30 b)), stars: fundamental parameters, stars: rotation, planetary transit candidates, tidal evolution, kepler, stars, solar, mission, field, exoplanets, systems, eccentricity, Astronomy & Astrophysics, raizys v, 1981, astrophysics and space science, v80, p353

Article Number: 171

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