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Fluidized bed combustion of coals and alternative fuels

Bengt-Åke Andersson (Institutionen för energiomvandling) ; Bo Leckner (Institutionen för energiomvandling) ; Lars-Erik Åmand (Institutionen för energiomvandling)
Proc of the 8th International Conference on Fluidized-Bed Combustion held in Houston Texas USA, March 18-21, 1985 Vol. 2 (1985), p. 1019-1029.
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

The 16 MW demonstration plant at Chalmers University of Technology was designed to burn coal but measures were taken also to allow the use of alternative fuels. Results of comparative tests, with bituminous coal and alternative fuels, brown coal, peat, and wood chips, are presented. The combustion characteristics of the various fuels are illustrated with temperature and heat flux profiles in the freeboard. It is found that the volatile fuels tend to burn to a large extent above the bed and secondary air is necessary to complete the combustion. However, -if secondary air is used, a combustion efficiency close to 100% is easily obtained. Bituminous coal, on the other hand, does not readily burn with a high combustion efficiency in the boiler used.

Nyckelord: Fluidized bed; Combustion; Boiler; Fuel

Published by US Department of Energy DOE/METC-85/6021, Vol 2 (DE850113689)

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