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Lessons Learned from Co-Evolution of Software Process and Model-Driven Engineering

Regina Hebig ; Andreas Schmied ; Ingo Weisemöller
Managing Software Process Evolution p. 257-280. (2016)
[Kapitel, refereegranskat]

Software companies need to cope with permanent changes in market. To stay competitive it is often inevitable to improve processes and adopt to new technologies. Indeed, it is well know that software processes and model-driven engineering (MDE) are subject to evolution. Simultaneously, it is known that MDE can affect process tailoring, which makes it possible that evolution in MDE triggers process evolution and vice versa. This can lead to undesired process changes and additional cost, when process adaptations constitute a need for further investments in MDE tooling. However, there is little knowledge so far whether this co-evolution exists and how it looks like. In this chapter, we present two industrial case studies on co-evolution of MDE and software process. Based on these case studies, we present an initial list of co-evolution drivers and observations made on co-evolution of software processes and MDE. Furthermore, we compile our lessons learned to directly help process managers dealing with co-evolution.

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