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The value of Group Model Building: A stakeholder perspective

Anna Hulda Olafsdottir ; Gunnar Stefansson (Institutionen för teknikens ekonomi och organisation, Service Management and Logistics) ; Helgi Thor Ingason
International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management (1746-6482). Vol. in press (2017),
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

Stakeholder Group Model-Building (GMB) is often used as an approach to form a model in system dynamics (SD) and increasingly also to support strategic decisions in organizations. In this study, grounded theory approach is used to study how 8 participants in GMB experienced the process and to increase understanding of the value of the method. A number of strategies were coded and analyzed and a theoretical model was developed describing: 1) the causal conditions that underlay the development of value adding strategies, 2) phenomena that arose from these causal conditions, 3) the context that influenced strategy development, 4) intervening conditions that influenced strategy development, 5) value adding strategies, and 6) the consequences of these strategies. Subcategories of each component were identified and are illustrated and implications for GMB projects are addressed. A discussion section is presented based on the results and the authors experience of stakeholder GMB workshops.

Nyckelord: system dynamics, methodology, group model building, grounded theory, stakeholder

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