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New technologies for DNA analysis - a review of the READNA Project

S. McGinn ; D. Bauer ; T. Brefort ; L. Q. Dong ; A. Ei-Sagheer ; A. Elsharawy ; G. Evans ; E. Falk-Sorqvist ; M. Forster ; S. Fredriksson ; Camilla Freitag ; Joachim Fritzsche (Institutionen för fysik, Kemisk fysik (Chalmers)) ; Fredrik Persson
New Biotechnology (1871-6784). Vol. 33 (2016), 3, p. 311-330.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

The REvolutionary Approaches and Devices for Nucleic Acid analysis (READNA) project received funding from the European Commission for 4 1/2 years. The objectives of the project revolved around technological developments in nucleic acid analysis. The project partners have discovered, created and developed a huge body of insights into nucleic acid analysis, ranging from improvements and implementation of current technologies to the most promising sequencing technologies that constitute a 3rd and 4th generation of sequencing methods with nanopores and in situ sequencing, respectively.

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