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Tight Two-Dimensional Outer-Approximations of Feasible Sets in Wireless Sensor Networks

S. Yousefi ; Henk Wymeersch (Institutionen för signaler och system, Kommunikationssystem) ; X. W. Chang ; B. Champagne
Ieee Communications Letters (1089-7798). Vol. 20 (2016), 3, p. 570-573.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

Finding a tight ellipsoid that contains the intersection of a finite number of ellipsoids is of interest in positioning applications for wireless sensor networks (WSNs). To this end, we propose a novel geometrical method in 2-dimensional (2-D) space. Specifically, we first find a tight polygon, which contains the desired region and then obtain the tightest ellipse containing the polygon by solving a convex optimization problem. For demonstrating the usefulness of this method, we employ it in a distributed algorithm for elliptical outer-approximation of feasible sets in co-operative WSNs. Through simulations, we show that the proposed method gives a tighter bounding ellipse than conventional methods, while having similar computational cost.

Nyckelord: Computational geometry, localization, non-line-of-sight, optimization, localization, uncertainty, mitigation, Telecommunications, ernousko fl, 1982, optimal control applications & methods, v3, p187

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Cooperative Situational Awareness for Wireless Networks (COOPNET) (EC/FP7/258418)