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Prospects for studying vacuum polarisation using dipole and synchrotron radiation

Anton Ilderton (Institutionen för fysik, Teoretisk fysik (Chalmers)) ; Mattias Marklund (Institutionen för fysik, Teoretisk fysik (Chalmers))
Journal of Plasma Physics (0022-3778). Vol. 82 (2016), 2, p. 655820201.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

The measurement of vacuum polarisation effects, in particular vacuum birefringence, using combined optical and X-ray laser pulses are now actively pursued. Here we briefly examine the feasibility of two alternative set-ups. The first utilises an alternative target, namely a converging dipole pulse, and the second uses an alternative probe, namely the synchrotron-like emission from highly energetic particles, themselves interacting with a laser pulse. The latter set-up has been proposed for experiments at ELI-NP.

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