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Arkitektur betyder. Om trygghet och trivsel i fyra stadsdelar

Architecture matters. On safety and well-being in four housing areas in Gothenburg

Solveig Schulz (Sektionen för arkitektur) ; Gunila Jivén (Sektionen för arkitektur) ; Inga Malmqvist (Sektionen för arkitektur) ; Jenny Stenberg (Sektionen för arkitektur) ; Lotta Särnbratt (Sektionen för arkitektur)
Göteborg : External organization, 2004. - 220 s.

Evaluation of the Local Development Agreement concerning projects in the built environment. The Swedish Government's policy for metropolitan areas were presented in Development and Justice – A Metropolitan Policy for the 21st Century (Gov. Bill 1997/98:165). The main goals are “to provide foundations for sustainable growth and to stop social, ethnic and discriminating segregation” in the vulnerable metropolitan regions. 24 areas in seven municipalities have received subsidies and in Göteborg four housing areas participate in the Local Development Agreement: Bergsjön, Gårdsten, Hjällbo and Norra Biskopsgården.

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