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Image Fusion of Reconstructed Digital Tomosynthesis Volumes From a Frontal and a Lateral Acquisition

Jonathan Arvidsson ; Christina Söderman ; Åse (Allansdotter) Johnsson ; Peter Bernhardt ; Göran Starck ; Fredrik Kahl (Institutionen för signaler och system, Bildanalys och datorseende) ; Magnus Båth
Radiation protection dosimetry (1742-3406). Vol. 169 (2016), 1-4, p. 410-415.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

Digital tomosynthesis (DTS) has been used in chest imaging as a low radiation dose alternative to computed tomography (CT). Traditional DTS shows limitations in the spatial resolution in the out-of-plane dimension. As a first indication of whether a dual-plane dual-view (DPDV) DTS data acquisition can yield a fair resolution in all three spatial dimensions, a manual registration between a frontal and a lateral image volume was performed. An anthropomorphic chest phantom was scanned frontally and laterally using a linear DTS acquisition, at 120 kVp. The reconstructed image volumes were resampled and manually co-registered. Expert radiologist delineations of the mediastinal soft tissues enabled calculation of similarity metrics in regard to delineations in a reference CT volume. The fused volume produced the highest total overlap, implying that the fused volume was a more isotropic 3D representation of the examined object than the traditional chest DTS volumes.

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