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On the interaction between growth intentions, resource acquisition and growth in new technology-based firms

Rögnvaldur J. Saemundsson (Institutionen för industriell dynamik)
International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (1465-7503). Vol. 4 (2003), 2, p. 85-95.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

This paper explores the interaction between growth intentions, access to resources and growth in new technology-based firms. Based on a combination of a cross-sectional survey study and case studies of individual firms, the paper shows that the growth orientation of new technology-based firms may be mediated, or determined jointly by the firms' need for external resources. New technology-based firms that have low growth orientation at start-up may attain actual growth through the influences of new owners who allow access to critical resources. These results have important implications for understanding the growth process in new technology-based firms.

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