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The use of MgO-paste as a biodegradeable bone cement

A. Biel ; Mobina Chaudhry ; Stefan Gustafsson (Institutionen för fysik, Teoretisk fysik (Chalmers)) ; Håkan Nygren
Materials Today-Proceedings (2214-7853). Vol. 3 (2016), 2, p. 556-561.
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

The use of MgO-paste as bone cement was tested on titanium cylinders implanted into rat tibia. The evaluation of bone healing was made with the retention force (pull-out) test, light microscopy and ESEM/EDX. Preimplantation of the MgO-paste into drill perforations of rat tibia increased the retention of the titanium implant 6-fold. The error was expressed as the 95% confidence interval of means (n = 10 bones in each group). The observed difference between 3.46+/-0.71 N/mm(2) for Ti-cylinders implanted with MgO-paste and 0.56+/-0.26 N/mm(2) for Ti-cylinders implanted directly into the bone, is statistically significant (p < 0.01). The increase of retention force, caused by MgO is parallel to an increased thickness of the compact bone surrounding the implant and closer contact between bone and implant. Histological examination of the implant-related bone showed that the MgO-induced bone growth is mediated by the formation of a bone-inducing matrix. The matrix contains organic substance, most likely proteins.

Nyckelord: Bone formation, bone cement, Magnesium, bone healing, osteoporosis, magnesium

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