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Top 50 most wanted fungi

R. Henrik Nilsson ; Christian Wurzbacher ; Mohammad Bahram ; Victor R. M. Coimbra ; Ellen Larsson ; Leho Tedersoo ; Jonna S. Eriksson ; Camila Duarte ; Sten Svantesson ; Marisol Sánchez-García ; Martin Ryberg ; Erik Kristiansson (Institutionen för matematiska vetenskaper, Tillämpad matematik och statistik) ; Kessy Abarenkov
MycoKeys (1314-4057). Vol. 12 (2016), p. 29-40.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

Environmental sequencing regularly recovers fungi that cannot be classified to any meaningful taxonomic level beyond “Fungi”. There are several examples where evidence of such lineages has been sitting in public sequence databases for up to ten years before receiving scientific attention and formal recognition. In order to highlight these unidentified lineages for taxonomic scrutiny, a search function is presented that produces updated lists of approximately genus-level clusters of fungal ITS sequences that remain unidentified at the phylum, class, and order levels, respectively. The search function (https://unite.ut.ee/top50.php) is implemented in the UNITE database for molecular identification of fungi, such that the underlying sequences and fungal lineages are open to third-party annotation. We invite researchers to examine these enigmatic fungal lineages in the hope that their taxonomic resolution will not have to wait another ten years or more.

Nyckelord: Fungi, environmental sequencing, taxonomic orphans, metabarcoding, taxonomy feedback loop

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