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Transformative learning and leadership for a sustainable future: Challenge Lab at Chalmers University of Technology

John Holmberg (Institutionen för energi och miljö, Fysisk resursteori)
Intergenerational learning and transformative leadership for sustainable futures. Wageningen Academic Publishers. p. 91-102. (2014)

This chapter describes Chalmers University of Technology’s strategy for transforming the university toward sustainability. The description focuses on the integration of education, research and innovation in what we call ‘Areas of Advance’, and the efforts to create collaborative structures – regional knowledge clusters – for academia, business and society to jointly approach complex societal challenges. This strategy includes developing the Challenge Lab, launched in January 2014, a missing link that has the potential to be an important ‘bonding agent’ for the various stakeholders and a natural vehicle for transformative learning, leadership and change.

Nyckelord: sustainability transition learning cluster leadership

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