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Swedish Industrial Association for Multiphase Flows - Bringing Together Industry and Academia

Berend van Wachem (Institutionen för tillämpad mekanik) ; Ingela Niklasson-Björn
5th world congress on particle technology (2006)
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

The Swedish Industrial Association for Multiphase Flows (SIAMUF) is a consortium of various Swedish companies and has been initiated in 1998 together with an academic research program entitled "Multiphase Flow". The main goals of SIAMUF are to broaden the competence within the area of multiphase flows, by arranging courses, seminars and workshops, to identify the relevant research areas, to transfer results from academia to industry and to obtain an overview of relevant academic research worldwide. Successfully bringing together industry and academia to improve the knowledge and technology for Swedish industry is unique and, among other aspects, motivates to develop better suitable courses and workshops for both students and industry. Every year, a workshop is organized where academia, Swedish industry, and external scientific experts discuss their research and challenges they face. SIAMUF provides financial support and industrial time for academic visits to industry, contributes to a "best practice guideline" for multiphase flows, organizes an annual workshop and a large multiphase flow course once every five years in collaboration with ERCOFTAC. Swedish academia in the field of multiphase flow provides courses to SIAMUF members, gives lectures and courses tailored to the needs of industry, and participates in joint research projects. This platform has been motivating for both academia and industry, bringing the partners closer to another and increasing the level of education and research, both in industry as well as academia.

Nyckelord: Multiphase Flow Research, Industry, Academic Contacts

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