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Observation and Spectroscopy of New Proton-Unbound Isotopes Ar-30 and Cl-29: An Interplay of Prompt Two-Proton and Sequential Decay

I. Mukha ; L. V. Grigorenko ; X. Xu ; L. Acosta ; E. Casarejos ; A. A. Ciemny ; W. Dominik ; J. Duenas-Diaz ; V. Dunin ; J. M. Espino ; A. Estrade ; F. Farinon ; A. Fomichev ; H. Geissel ; T. A. Golubkova ; A. Gorshkov ; Z. Janas ; G. Kaminski ; O. Kiselev ; R. Knobel ; S. Krupko ; M. Kuich ; Y. A. Litvinov ; G. Marquinez-Duran ; I. Martel ; C. Mazzocchi ; C. Nociforo ; A. K. Orduz ; M. Pfutzner ; S. Pietri ; M. Pomorski ; A. Prochazka ; S. Rymzhanova ; A. M. Sanchez-Benitez ; C. Scheidenberger ; P. Sharov ; H. Simon ; B. Sitar ; R. Slepnev ; M. Stanoiu ; P. Strmen ; I. Szarka ; M. Takechi ; Y. K. Tanaka ; H. Weick ; M. Winkler ; J. S. Winfield ; Mikhail V. Zhukov (Institutionen för fundamental fysik)
Physical Review Letters (0031-9007). Vol. 115 (2015), 20, p. 7.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

Previously unknown isotopes Ar-30 and Cl-29 have been identified by measurement of the trajectories of their in-flight decay products S-28 + p + p and S-28 + p, respectively. The analysis of angular correlations of the fragments provided information on decay energies and the structure of the parent states. The ground states of Ar-30 and Cl-29 were found at 2.25(-0.10)(+0.15) and 1.8 +/- 0.1 MeV above the two-and one-proton thresholds, respectively. The lowest states in Ar-30 and Cl-29 point to a violation of isobaric symmetry in the structure of these unbound nuclei. The two-proton decay has been identified in a transition region between simultaneous two-proton and sequential proton emissions from the Ar-30 ground state, which is characterized by an interplay of three-body and two-body decay mechanisms. The first hint of a fine structure of the two-proton decay of Ar-30*(2(+)) has been obtained by detecting two decay branches into the ground and first-excited states of the S-28 fragment.

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