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The Crafted Marketplace

Helena Hansson (Högskolan för design och konsthantverk ; Mistra Urban Futures)
10th European Academy of Design Conference - Crafting the future, April 17-19th, Gothenburg Vol. 2013 (2013),
[Konferensbidrag, poster]

Dunga Beach is a rural community 6 km outside Kisumu, the third largest city in Kenya. The majority of the inhabitants rely on income from fish. Due to the poor health of Lake Victoria and the decrease in fish stock the needs are to find new alterna- tive sources of livelihood. The project is a Mistra Urban Futures Project in cooperation with Kisumu Local Interactive Platform (KLIP) and is based on action research, reflective practice inter- ventions, case studies and explorative experiments with stake- holders from the local community. We are working in a transdis- ciplinary research team using Triple Helix1 method including researchers from Sweden and Kenya, and local practitonars. We are prototyping the findings on site throughout the whole process. Expected outcome: Framework for a marketplace system based on co-creation for activition of the local livelihood. Research question: How can you create arenas and marketplaces for co-cre- ation, where craft can be an activator of the local livelihood and a driver for change?

Nyckelord: Marketplace, craft, design, co-creation


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