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Awarding a Community Membership Badge - Teachers’ Development of Digital Competences in a cMOOC

Niklas Karlsson ; Linda Bradley (Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi, Avdelningen för fackspråk och kommunikation (Chalmers) ; Linnécentret for forskning om lärande (LinCS)) ; Anna-Lena Godhe
Lecture Notes in Computer Science: 7th International Workshop on Social and Personal Computing for Web-Supported Learning Communities, SPeL 2014, 1st International Workshop on Peer-Review, Peer-Assessment, and Self-Assessment in Education, PRASAE 2014, 2014 International Workshop on Mobile and Personalized Learning, IWMPL 2014, 1st International Workshop on Open Badges in Education, OBIE 2014, 4th International Symposium on Knowledge Management & E-Learning, KMEL 2014 and Future of e-Textbooks W (0302-9743). Vol. 8699 (2014), p. 162-171.
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

In this article the badge given in connection with a cMOOC designed by and for teachers is explored. Digitala skollyftet aimed to raise the digital competence amongst teachers in Swedish schools. The participants in Digitala skollyftet could apply to be awarded a badge for their participation. The awarding process, as well as the participation, of a small group of people who were awarded badges is analysed. Blog-posts were taken as evidence when applying for badges and blogging thereby became an important way to participate. Blogs can be regarded as exhibition spaces where the blogger exhibits and reflects on their learning process. Results show that there is a difference in how the blogs are designed, depending on the level of experience from the blogger. To a large extent, forums, such as Facebook and Twitter, are used as performance spaces, which facilitate the interaction and discussion with other participants.

Nyckelord: MOOC, Teacher development, Digital competence

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