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The Use and Applicability of Capacity Planning Methods

Patrik Jonsson (Institutionen för transportteknik) ; S.-A. Mattsson
Production and Inventory Management Journal (0897-8336). 3/4, p. 89-95. (2002)
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

This study identifies the use of capacity planning methods and analyzes the characteristic modes of application among satisfied users. It is based on data collected from 84 Swedish manufacturing companies. Capacity planning using overall factors and capacity requirements planning are the most common planning methods in Swedish manufacturing industries. Capacity bills is the method with lowest average level of applicability. Satisfied users base capacity requirement determination on objective data and up-date the plans more frequently than dissatisfied users.

Nyckelord: capacity planning, capacity requirements planning, capacity bill, resource profile, capacity planning using overall factors

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