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A new 12% chromium steel strengthened by Z-phase precipitates

Fang Liu (Institutionen för fysik, Materialens mikrostruktur (Chalmers)) ; Masoud Rashidi (Institutionen för fysik, Materialens mikrostruktur (Chalmers)) ; Lennart Johansson ; John Hald ; Hans-Olof Andrén (Institutionen för fysik, Materialens mikrostruktur (Chalmers))
Scripta Materialia (1359-6462). Vol. 113 (2016), p. 93-96.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

In order to increase the corrosion resistance and simultaneously maintain the creep resistance of 9–12% Cr steels at 650 °C, a new alloy design concept was proposed, using thermodynamically stable Z-phase (CrTaN) precipi- tates to strengthen the steel. A new trial Z-phase strengthened 12% Cr steel was produced and creep tested. The steel exhibited good long-term creep resistance. Dense nano-sized Z-phase precipitates were formed at an early stage, and coarsened slowly. They remained small after more than 10,000 h.

Nyckelord: Martensitic steels, Creep, Three-dimensional atom probe, Transmission electron microscopy

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