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Agricultural commodity consumption and trade responsible for over 40% of tropical deforestation

U. Martin Persson (Institutionen för energi och miljö, Fysisk resursteori) ; Sabine Henders ; Thomas Kastner
Focali Policy Brief 2015:03, p. 4. (2015)
[Artikel, övrig populärvetenskap]

Commercial agriculture and timber extraction play an important role in causing tropical deforestation. However, information is scarce on the extent to which production and trade of ‘forest-risk’ commodities like beef, soy, palm oil and wood products are actually driving tropical forest loss. In a recent study the authors of this Focali brief show that in the period 2000-2011, the production and trade of four commodities in just seven tropical countries was responsible for 40 percent of global tropical deforestation and associated carbon emissions.

Nyckelord: deforestation, trade, beef, soy, palm oil, timber

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