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Repenser L'habitat

The Pumpkällehagen housing development: Architecture as agent and symbol of community

Roderick Lawrence ; Ola Nylander (Institutionen för arkitektur)
[Bok, med redaktör]

Rethinking habitats, making sense of Housing. How to use evidence based housing design in a housing project.

Nyckelord: Arkitektur, kvalitet, bostad

All of the homes have been rented and given older residents of Viskafors an opportunity to remain in the area after downsizing from larger detached single-family homes, and some newcomers have moved to Viskafors to live in the neighborhood. A couple of the houses are now home to former residents of Borås, but there are also families from Lidköping, Hultsfred, and Germany. The downward spiral has been stopped. The project garnered a lot of attention during the construction phase from television, radio, newspapers, and the professional press, but also from politicians, property managers, students, and others. Viskafors is associated with something positive—a change that is important. The concepts I presented in my doctoral thesis have played an important role in creating an attractive home environment for the residents of Pumpkällehagen: Pumpkällehagen is becoming a symbol of the new Viskafors. The new homes are a lift for the community.

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