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Prediction of Laminar-Turbulent Transition on an Airfoil at High Level of Free-Stream Turbulence

Valery Chernoray (Institutionen för tillämpad mekanik, Strömningslära)
Progress in Flight Physics Vol. 7 p. 704. (2015)

Prediction of laminar-turbulent transition at high level of free-stream turbulence in boundary layers of airfoil geometries with external pressure gradient changeover is in focus. The aim is a validation of a transition model for transition prediction in turbomachinery applications. Numerical simulations have been performed by using a transition model by Langtry and Menter for a number of different cases of pressure gradient, at Reynolds number-range, based on the airfoil chord, 50 000 ≤ Re ≤ 500 000 and free-stream turbulence intensities 2 % and 4 %. The validation of the computational results against the experimental data showed good performance of used turbulence model for all test cases.

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