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Ethanol as a Future Fuel for Road Transportation: Main report

Ulrik Larsen (Institutionen för sjöfart och marin teknik) ; T. Johansen ; J. Schramm
Denmark : DTU Mekanik for the IEA Implementing Agreement on Advanced Motor Fuels, 2009. - 115 s.

Bioethanol as a motor fuel in the transportation sector, mainly for road transportation, has been subject to many studies and much discussion. Furthermore, the topic involves not only the application and engine technical aspects, but also the understanding of the entire life cycle of the fuel, well‐to‐wheels, including economical, environmental, and social aspects. It is not, however, the aim of this report to assess every single one of these aspects. The present report aims to address the technical potential and problems as well as the central issues related to the general application of bioethanol as an energy carrier in the near future.

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