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Systematic trends in beta-delayed particle emitting nuclei: The case of βpα emission from 21Mg

M. V. Lund ; M. J. G. Borge ; J. A. Briz ; J. Cederkäll ; H. O. U. Fynbo ; J. H. Jensen ; Björn Jonson (Institutionen för fundamental fysik) ; K. L. Laursen ; Thomas Nilsson (Institutionen för fundamental fysik) ; A. Perea ; V. Pesudo ; K. Riisager ; O. Tengblad
Physics Letters B (0370-2693). Vol. 750 (2015), Art. no. 31347, p. 356-359.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

We have observed β+-delayed α and pα emission from the proton-rich nucleus 21Mg produced at the ISOLDE facility at CERN. The assignments were cross-checked with a time distribution analysis. This is the third identified case of βpα emission. We discuss the systematic of beta-delayed particle emission decays, show that our observed decays fit naturally into the existing pattern, and argue that the patterns are to a large extent caused by odd-even effects.

Nyckelord: 21Mg, Beta decay, Multi-particle emission

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