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Graphene as gain medium for broadband lasers

Roland Jago (Institutionen för teknisk fysik, Kondenserade materiens teori) ; T. Winzer ; A. Knorr ; Ermin Malic (Institutionen för teknisk fysik, Kondenserade materiens teori)
Physical Review B. Condensed Matter and Materials Physics (1098-0121). Vol. 92 (2015), 8,
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

Efficient nonradiative carrier recombination strongly counteracts the appearance of optical gain in graphene. Based on a microscopic and fully quantum-mechanical study of the coupled carrier, phonon, and photon dynamics in graphene, we present a strategy to obtain a long-lived gain: Integrating graphene into a high quality photonic crystal nanocavity and applying a high-dielectric substrate suppresses the nonradiative recombination channels and gives rise to pronounced coherent light emission. This suggests the design of graphene-based laser devices covering a broad spectral range.

Nyckelord: light-matter interaction, carrier multiplication, photonic crystal, photodetector, nanocavity, Physics

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