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The ability of in vitro antioxidant assays to predict the efficiency of a cod protein hydrolysate and brown seaweed extract to prevent oxidation in marine food model systems

Rósa Jónsdóttir ; Margrét Geirsdóttir ; Patricia Y. Hamaguchi ; Polona Jamnik ; Hordur G. Kristinsson ; Ingrid Undeland (Institutionen för biologi och bioteknik, Livsmedelsvetenskap)
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture (0022-5142). (2015)
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

Abstract BACKGROUND The ability of different in vitro antioxidant assays to predict the efficiency of cod protein hydrolysate (CPH) and Fucus vesiculosus ethyl acetate extract (EA) towards lipid oxidation in hemoglobin fortified washed cod mince and iron containing cod liver oil emulsion was evaluated. Progression of oxidation was followed by sensory analysis, lipid hydroperoxides and TBA-reactive substances (TBARS) in both systems, as well as redness loss and protein carbonyls in the cod system. RESULTS The in vitro tests revealed high reducing capacity, high DPPH radical scavenging properties and high ORAC-value of the EA which also inhibited lipid and protein oxidation in the cod model system. The CPH had high metal chelating capacity and was efficient against oxidation in the cod liver oil emulsion. CONCLUSION The results indicate that the F. vesiculosus extract has a potential as an excellent natural antioxidant against lipid oxidation in fish muscle foods while protein hydrolysates are more promising for fish oil emulsions. The usefulness of in vitro assays to predict the antioxidative properties of new natural ingredients in foods thus depends on the knowledge about the food systems, particularly the main pro-oxidants present.

Nyckelord: antioxidant activity,in vitro assays,marine food model systems,Fucus vesiculosus,cod protein hydrolysate

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