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Independent damping control of multimode low-frequency oscillations using shunt-connected FACTS devices in power system

Mebtu Beza (Institutionen för energi och miljö, Elteknik) ; Massimo Bongiorno (Institutionen för energi och miljö, Elteknik)
2014 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition, ECCE 2014 p. 716-723. (2014)
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

One of the problems encountered in a power system and that impacts its stable operation is low-frequency electromechanical oscillations. Depending on the system configuration, its operating conditions and the nature of the disturbance, one or more oscillation modes can be excited in the system. This paper deals with the design and analysis of an independent damping controller for multiple oscillation modes using shunt-connected FACTS devices. This is achieved using a selective and adaptive estimation of the various oscillation modes from locally measured signals. The effectiveness of the proposed control method to provide independent damping for the various oscillation modes in the presence of system parameter uncertainties will be verified through small-signal analysis and simulation using both single and multiple compensators.

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