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Energy-Related Cooperation Projects between Chalmers and Process Industries in West Sweden: A Compilation of Ongoing and Recently Finalized Activities

Thore Berntsson (Institutionen för energi och miljö, Industriella energisystem och -tekniker )
Göteborg : Chalmers University of Technology, 2015. - 46 s.

This report provides an overview of R&D cooperation between Chalmers University of Technology and the process industry on the Swedish West Coast, in many cases also in cooperation with research institutes and regional organisations. This extensive cooperation is, at least in some respects, unique in an international perspective.

In order to limit the size of the report, only the process industries with significant cooperation with Chalmers have been included. This cooperation has mainly dealt with activities directed towards energy efficiency and conversion as well as CO2 emissions reduction.

The main aims of this report are to:

• increase awareness among all stakeholders on the Swedish West Coast about the projects, major actors in different projects as well as major findings so far

• increase the awareness within Chalmers about magnitude and breadth of activities (e. g. for identifying new opportunities for multi-disciplinary research)

• increase the awareness externally, nationally and internationally, in order to promote increased R&D and industrial cooperation as well as national and international (e. g. EU) funding of unique demonstration projects

• identify opportunities for synergy effects and common conclusions between the different projects

• provide a platform for discussions on further cooperation areas and forms for such cooperation.

Nyckelord: Chemical process industry, R&D cooperation, energy efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction

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