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Use of correct or nominal water velocities in Morison's equation

Göran Moberg (Institutionen för vattenbyggnad) ; Lars Bergdahl (Institutionen för vattenbyggnad) ; Bengt Carlsson (Institutionen för vattenbyggnad)
International Conference of Hydraulic Pehenomena in Offshore, Coastal & Inland Waters, London, England, 9-11 April, 1986 (1986)
[Konferensbidrag, övrigt]

A laboratory experiment has been performed to evaluate the drag and inertia coefficients in the Morison Equation. The total waveforce, the pressure distribution and the kinematics of steep waves have been measured. The experimental arrangement is described and the data processing is sketched. The technique for measuring the velocity is descrbed in detail. It is shown that it is important to use the same type of velocity in design as is used in the experiments from which the coefficients are evaluated. It was also found that the best choice of wave theory from five investgated theories for most cases is th fifth order theory. For shallow water the best choice is the cnoidal theory.

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