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Influence of laser annealing on SiOx films properties

O. O. Gavrylyuk ; O. Y. Semchuk ; O. V. Steblova ; A. A. Evtukh ; L. L. Fedorenko ; O. L. Bratus ; S. O. Zlobin ; Magnus Karlsteen (Institutionen för teknisk fysik, Kondenserade materiens fysik)
Applied Surface Science (0169-4332). Vol. 336 (2015), p. 217-221.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

The interaction of laser irradiation with SiOx films, and the process of decomposition of SiOx on SiO2 and Si nanocrystals under the influence of laser irradiation are investigated. The mathematical modeling of temperature distribution in a c-Si wafer as well as on its surface is carried out. It is shown that laser pulses can efficiently heat up the samples of crystalline silicon. Using multi-pulse procedure, the temperature necessary for annealing can be achieved with lower intensity of laser irradiation. Experimental investigations of laser-annealed SiOx films allowed determining their transformation with the formation of nanoislands. It was concluded that the surface topology, dielectric matrix structure, and electrical conductivity depend on laser beam intensity during the annealing process.

Nyckelord: Silicon oxide, Nanocrystal, Laser annealing, Thermal conductivity equation, OPTICAL-PROPERTIES, SILICON NANOCRYSTALS, THIN-FILMS, LIGHT, MEMORY, PHOTOLUMINESCENCE, CRYSTALLIZATION, DEPOSITION, Chemistry, Physical, Materials Science, Coatings & Films, Physics,, Applied, Physics, Condensed Matter, RASBOURG, FRANCE, V69, P484, RTUGAL, V636-637, P444

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