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Utilisation of shared demand-related information for operations planning and control

Paulina Myrelid (Institutionen för teknikens ekonomi och organisation, Logistik och transport)
Göteborg : Chalmers University of Technology, 2015.

The purpose of the licentiate thesis is to identify determinants of information utilisation and explore how these determinants impact the utilisation of shared demand-related information in a supplier’s operations planning and control processes. The thesis focuses on direct determinants of information utilisation, as well as direct determinants of information quality (IQ), which in turn impact utilisation. Two separate case studies are performed in the European automotive industry, and the findings are presented in three academic papers, appended the thesis. Information utilisation can be divided into four levels: utilisation as potential usage, utilisation as intended usage, utilisation as actual usage, and utilisation as efficient and effective usage; and how determinants impact the utilisation of shared demand-related information depends on the level of utilisation. This research shows how a set of information, inter- and intra-organisational factors in a dyadic relationship impacts both potential and intended usage, where potential usage is related to a set of IQ dimensions and intended usage includes a supplier’s willingness and ability to utilise shared demand-related information in its OPC processes. Furthermore, the research shows how actual usage is directly dependent on intended usage and IQ, and efficient and effective usage is related to performance. This research extends previous information sharing research to include the utilisation of shared information. By contributing to the complex relationships between information sharing, IQ, and performance; this research helps explaining the conflicting results regarding the value of information sharing and IQ, seen in previous research. Further, the research can help practitioners to improve their information sharing, IQ, and information utilisation practices, in order to achieve efficient and effective information utilisation, and thereby improve OPC performance.

Nyckelord: Information sharing, Information quality, Information utilisation, Operations Planning and Control, Supply chain management.

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Datum: 2015-05-29
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