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Evaluation and Inter-comparison of Acid Deposition Models for the UK

A.J. Doré ; D.C. Carslaw ; C. Chemel ; R. Derwent ; B.E.A. Fisher ; S.J. Griffiths ; S. Lawrence ; S.E. Metcalfe ; A.L. Redington ; David Simpson (Institutionen för rymd- och geovetenskap, Global miljömätteknik och modellering) ; R.S. Sokhi ; P.A. Sutton ; M. Vieno ; J.D. Whyatt
» Air Pollution Modeling and its Application XXII, Part VI (NATO Science for Peace and Security Series C: Environmental Security) p. 505-510. (2013)

An evaluation has been made of a range of simple and complex atmospheric transport models, applied to estimate sulphur and nitrogen deposition in the UK in order to provide information to policy makers to support decisions on future model use. The models were evaluated by comparison with annually averaged measurements from the national monitoring networks. A number of statistical metrics were output to assess model performance and the models were compared graphically by plotting cross-country transects of concentrations in air.

Nyckelord: Acid deposition, Atmospheric transport model, Inter-comparison, Nitrogen, Sulphur

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