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Investigation of the radiation hardness of GaAs sensors in an electron beam

K.G. Afanaciev ; M. Bergholz ; Petty Bernitt (Institutionen för teknisk fysik, Nukleär teknik) ; G. Chelkov ; J. Gajewski ; M.I. Gostkin ; C. Grah ; R.L. Heller ; H.M. Henschel ; A. Ignatenko ; Z.V. Krumshteyn ; S. Kulis ; W. Lange ; W. Lohmann ; D.Y. Mokeev ; V.A. Novikov ; M. Ohlerich ; A. Rosca ; A.A. Sapronov ; R.S. Schmidt ; S. Schuwalow ; O.P. Tolbanov ; A.V. Tyazhev
Journal of Instrumentation (1748-0221). Vol. 7 (2012), 11,
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

A compact and finely grained sandwich calorimeter is designed to instrument the very forward region of a detector at a future e+e- collider. The calorimeter will be exposed to low energy e+e - pairs originating from beamstrahlung, resulting in absorbed doses of about one MGy per year. GaAs pad sensors interleaved with tungsten absorber plates are considered as an option for this calorimeter. Several Cr-doped GaAs sensor prototypes were produced and irradiated with 8.5-10 MeV electrons up to a dose of 1.5 MGy. The sensor performance was measured as a function of the absorbed dose.

Nyckelord: Calorimeters , Radiation damage to detector materials (solid state) , Radiation-hard detectors

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