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ALMA observationsof warm dense gas in NGC 1614-breaking of the star formation law in the central kiloparsec

C. K. Xu ; C. Cao ; N. Lu ; Y. Gao ; T. Diaz-Santos ; R. Herrero-Illana ; R. Meijerink ; G. Privon ; Y. H. Zhao ; A. S. Evans ; S. Konig ; J. M. Mazzarella ; Susanne Aalto (Institutionen för rymd- och geovetenskap, Radioastronomi och astrofysik) ; P. Appleton ; L. Armus ; V. Charmandaris ; J. Chu ; S. Haan ; H. Inami ; E. J. Murphy ; D. B. Sanders ; B. Schulz ; P. van der Werf
Astrophysical Journal (0004-637X). Vol. 799 (2015), 1,
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

We present ALMA Cycle-0 observations of the CO (6-5) line emission and of the 435 mu m dust continuum emission in the central kiloparsec of NGC 1614, a local luminous infrared galaxy at a distance of 67.8 Mpc (1 '' = 329 pc). The CO emission is well resolved by the ALMA beam (0.'' 26x0.'' 20) into a circumnuclear ring, with an integrated flux of f(C O(6-5)) = 898 (+/- 153) Jy km s(-1), which is 63(+/- 12)% of the total CO (6-5) flux measured by Herschel. The molecular ring, located between 100 pc < r < 350 pc from the nucleus, looks clumpy and includes seven unresolved (or marginally resolved) knots with median velocity dispersion of similar to 40 km s(-1). These knots are associated with strong star formation regions with Sigma(SFR) similar to 100M(circle dot) yr(-1) kpc(-2) and Sigma(Gas) similar to 10(4) M-circle dot pc(-2). The nondetections of the nucleus in both the CO (6-5) line emission and the 435 mu m continuum rule out, with relatively high confidence, a Compton-thick active galactic nucleus in NGC 1614. Comparisons with radio continuum emission show a strong deviation from an expected local correlation between Sigma(Gas) and Sigma(SFR), indicating a breakdown of the Kennicutt-Schmidt law on the linear scale of similar to 100 pc.

Nyckelord: galaxies: active, galaxies: evolution, galaxies: general, galaxies: interactions, galaxies: ISM, galaxies: nuclei, galaxies: magnetic fields, galaxies: starburst, submillimeter: galaxies

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