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Electrically tunable device and a method relating thereto

E. Wikborg ; Zdravko Ivanov (Institutionen för fysik) ; Peter Petrov ; Spartak Gevorgian (Institutionen för mikroelektronik och nanovetenskap)

The present invention relates to a thin film ferroelectric varactor device (10) comprising a substrate layer (1), a ferroelectric layer structure (12) and an electrode structure (91,92). The ferroelectric layer structure (12) comprises a number of ferroelectric layers (2,4) and a number of intermediate buffer layers (3) arranged in an alternating manner. At least a first (2) and a second (4) layer of said ferroelectric layers have different Curie temperatures, i.e. the dielectric constant of the first ferroelectric layer (12) has a maximum at a temperature which is different from the temperature at which the dielectric constant of the second ferroelectric layer (4) has a maximum.

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