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Effective Dielectric Permittivity of r-Cut Sapphire Microstrip

Irina Vendik ; Orest Vendik ; Spartak Gevorgian (Institutionen för mikroelektronik och nanovetenskap)
Microwave Conference, 1994. 24th European Vol. 1 (1994), p. 395 - 400.
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

The effective dielectric constant of a microstrip is given as a function of the strip geometry and its orientation on the surface of the substrate. An "isotropized" dielectric constant is inroduced which can be used in commercial microwave software for simulation of r-cut sapphire substrate based micrstrip devices. Experimental velification of the analysis is also given.

Nyckelord: Dielectric constant Dielectric losses Dielectric substrates Microstrip components Permittivity Strips Superconducting microwave devices Tensile stress Thermal conductivity Yttrium barium copper oxide

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