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Fabrication and investigation of YBa2Cu3O7-delta/Ba0.05Sr0.95TiO3 thin film structures for voltage tunable devices

R Chakalov ; Zdravko Ivanov (Institutionen för fysik) ; Yuri Boikov ; Peter Larsson (Institutionen för mikroelektronik och nanovetenskap) ; Erik F. Carlsson (Institutionen för mikrovågsteknik) ; Spartak Gevorgian (Institutionen för mikroelektronik och nanovetenskap) ; Tord Claeson (Fysiska institutionen)
Physica. C, Superconductivity (0921-4534). Vol. 308 (1998), 3-4, p. 279-288.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

High-temperature superconducting/ferroelectric thin film structures were deposited by laser ablation. Three types of voltage tunable devices were fabricated and investigated-trilayer capacitor, planar interdigital capacitor and coplanar waveguide. As ferroelectric the solid solution BaxSr1-xTiO3 was chosen with barium content x = 0.05 because its Curie temperature is close to the liquid nitrogen boiling point (77 K). Temperature and voltage dependences of the Ba0.05Sr0.95TiO3 dielectric constant epsilon(r,BSTO) were studied. High epsilon(r,BSTO) values were determined-up to 3000 at 75 K, 20 GHz and zero de bias. Efficient voltage tunability was demonstrated (up to 40%) at loss level tan delta=0.01-0.1. Compact YBa2Cu3O7-delta/Ba0.05Sr0.95TiO3 coplanar waveguide with as narrow gap as 18 mu m was tested as electrically tunable phase-shifter and field-induced phase shifts of more than 180 degrees were obtained by 35 V de bias at 20 GHz. This improvement was attained by proper choice of the ferroelectric material, accomplished epitaxial growth of the films and decrease of the specific dimensions. (C) 1998 Published by Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.

Nyckelord: thin film; laser ablation; voltage tunable devices

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